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images volvo v40 cem

My brothers one at his garage won't connect to my 1. Thanks a million. Last Online: Feb 12th, Do you know if there is also a relay in this CEM that controls those rear lights there is one pair of lights on the trunk door and another pair on the main body of the car. Anyone got any more suggestions or do I need to take it to the garage. Email this Page. We are both not sure if the CEM comes into play to the Xenon self levelling, so we will be finding out in the near future. Thanks, problem fixed.

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  • Hi, I've recently had a headlight problem which, at first, appeared to be the common CEM issue (see this thread.

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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Volvo S40 Volvo V40 CEM Central Electronic Module () at the best online. Hi, basically car was parked up for a day in the car park, went to start it but no crank just ignition comes on, on diagnosis no Autodetect.
    Item location:.

    images volvo v40 cem

    Thank you so much for the information Unfortunately I can not open the pdf. Seller information usedvolvosforsale Tell the buyed you want to return this CEM and that you want your money back.

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    images volvo v40 cem
    Volvo v40 cem
    On removal of the CEM one of the relays was actually bulging so clearly something wrong with it.

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    No voltage on the left side head light, only getting about 1. Once out of the board, it is easy enough to put a new one on.

    There was no sign of wetness, it was definitely dry. When off, the battery voltage is about I also had the problem where the RH dipped beam quit working. I originally assumed that they would be solid state relays but in fact they are normal miniature PCB mounting mechanical relays so it they do fail then the data sheet could help find a replacement to repair the CEM.

    Hey guys, I have some problems with my sidelights & foglights, after trying everything I cannot find the problem.

    Volvo V40 CEM problem

    Looking at the volvo wiring. Volvo Recall Description: Cem software may malfunction. Volvo models affected by this Recall: Volvo V40, V40 CC.

    images volvo v40 cem

    Recall chassis numbers. Volvo S40 - Failing CEM - Hey guys.

    images volvo v40 cem

    My wife has a S40 L that has been going through batteries. After like the third battery in a year we.
    Got this box, headlights are back to normal while fog lights went for long vacation. So surely can't be broken wires. Last Online: Jan 24th, There may be other issues which I haven't picked up on and will do a full check over the weekend.

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    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you : Aaaaa, ok. Search within store.

    images volvo v40 cem
    Volvo v40 cem
    So Im fairly confident that I've got burnt out contacts in the relays. Hi everyone was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me out, I have a Volvo v40 D Sport model, I have read the entire posts concerning the CEM and think this could be the problem.

    Can you let me know what the part number on it is.

    Volvo Cem software may malfunction Recall V40 V40 CC

    Anyone know where to locate the relay for the front windscreen wipers? Used Cars. Mine has fallen off Time is now: 17th July - PM.