5 Amazing Facts About Magic Mushrooms

5 Amazing Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Known for their psychedelic effects on users, magic mushrooms are being used since ancient times. After centuries today, there is a lot of stigma associated with this drug and clinical trials and research have been carried out to demystify the magical powers they possess. They are known to deliver medical benefits when used under controlled conditions. Here are some of the most interesting facts about shrooms.

1. There are about 200 Different Species

Psilocybin mushrooms are categorized into two main categories with the biggest group producing hallucinogens like psilocin. They cover over 180 species found in different parts of the world. This group contains varied genres but collectively called ‘psilocybin mushrooms’. The other category is smaller but offers a rich religious history. They also produce hallucinogens called ibotenic acid. When you browse magic mushrooms online, you can find them in an extensive variety with varying effects.

2. Their Origin goes back to Millennia

It is not clear when humans discovered these fungi but evidences suggest that people used them for religious purposes thousands of years ago. Many species of mushrooms were classified as ‘divine’ and used for different rituals in different parts of the world. Old theories also suggest that these fungi enhanced the brain power and culture.

3. They can Improve Brain Health

Though categorized as a dangerous drug, shrooms available online have been found to be safe and possess potential to aid in a number of health problems. The drug can help get rid of addiction to nicotine, cocaine and other drugs. They are also a beneficial psychiatric drug and have promising benefits for anxiety, depression and stress. Studies have found that magic mushrooms can relieve anxiety in people diagnosed with life-threatening conditions like cancer.

4. Psilocybin can Get Rid of Ego

Users of psychedelic mushrooms report losing the sense of self under the effects. Though this dissolving of ego is temporary, there are many long-lasting effects people benefit from. The dissolution of ego opens up way for awareness, a feeling of connectedness with the world. Such an experience can change the user’s perspective of the world and outlook towards others. This sense of connection also benefits people dealing with mental illnesses.

5. It Reorganizes the Brain

Psilocybin is known to bind with serotonin receptor in the brain that causes a lot of changes to perception of senses. Apart from mood changes and euphoria, users report an abstract sense of elevated consciousness. A study involving some volunteers noted activity spike in the brains and the MRI found a big difference in brain’s organization. Researchers also found that psilocybin binds with receptors responsible for healing. This is why it is known that magic mushrooms can repair and grow brain cells, benefitting people suffering from mental problems like depression.

The old beliefs and impression of magic mushrooms now seem to change quickly. Many countries have taken steps to decriminalize the use of this drug. Cannabis penny stock are now available online for users living in different regions. Psilocybin was also declared as an innovative treatment for depression and it was recently found that it has no adverse effects on cognitive function.